Kathi Mahesh Fires On Hyper Aadi

Hyper Aadi made fun of the film critic Mahesh Kathi in the Jabardasth TV show. Apparently, Hyper Aadi was featured in a skit that was written in a manner to criticise and shame Mahesh Kathi for the work he is doing in the film industry. Mahesh Kathi felt that the body shaming that Aadi did on the show was objectionable.

Kathi Mahesh Comments On Hyper Aadi
Kathi Mahesh Comments On Hyper Aadi

“I look fat and I am bald. What’s wrong with it? I do not have any problem. Every individual is not same, and we find many people with many features. This is my style, and this is how I am living. I never feel low about my physical appearance. What Hyper Aadi did in the TV show was objectionable and not correct. Body shaming in the form of comedy is not good for a person like him who is doing well in films. If the people are enjoying it, it is because of him only, and he is responsible for making people entertained with such poor stuff.” said Mahesh Kathi in his Facebook live video.

Satires on Jabardasth show and my take…

Posted by Mahesh Kathi on Sunday, 12 November 2017

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