Kathi Mahesh Comments on Swami Paripoornananda Ban

After Mahesh Kathi, the Telangana police officials also externed Swami Paripoornanda from entering Hyderabad city for 6 months. Mahesh Kathi who came to know about this has responded to the same on Twitter profile.

Kathi Mahesh Comments on Swamiparipoornananda
Kathi Mahesh Comments on Swamiparipoornananda

“I am condemning the ban on Paripoornanda Swamy. Putting a ban is not a solution for the problems. Such type of things are non constitutional in the current times. Banning persons will not give solutions for the issues and if government realises that, it would be very good” said Mahesh Kathi.

The cops banned Paripoornanda Swami for the comments he made last year.

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