Kathi Kantharao review

Hero Allari Naresh and Kamna Jetmalani starrer film Kathi Kantharao was released today.This film is directed by EVV Satyanarayana.

In Kathi Kantha Rao film Allari Naresh is a police constable named Kantha Rao. In this film Allari Naresh had two elder sisters and two younger sisters. His elder sister’s husbands always force him to bring gifts all the time. On another hand Kantha rao father forces him to do his other sisters marriage.

Kantha Rao has a girl friend named Kamna Jetmalani. She is also forcing him to marry her but Kantha rao did a deal with his father that he gets married only after his sister’s marriage. What did Kantha Rao did to solve this problem? And what happened to his family and girl friend is the rest of the story.

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