Katha Movie Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

What it’s all about?


Katha is a murder cum suspense thriller and looks at the life of a young girl who is mentally deranged as all her family members are brutally murdered. She is a lonely soul and she continues to relive the horror. How and when she will come out of this is the story.


The plot:


Chitra (Genelia) is a lonely woman. She has suffered a lot mentally after losing all her family members. Chitra suffers from two phobias. She cannot stand loneliness and she cannot stay calm after seeing blood.


Chitra joins as a teacher in Araku. Life is going smoothly after she makes friendship with a assistant director Krishna (Arun) and his film unit members. Life changes once again for Chitra when she sees a girl being murdered. She lodges a police complaint. The inspector, Prakash Raj and his assistant Shafi, promise to solve the murder mystery.


As days pass by and there is no progress in the case Chitra starts putting pressure on the cops. A stranger starts visiting Chitra’s house at night and she is terrified. Chitra once again slowly starts losing her mental balance.


Krisha is now quite close with Chitra and he tries to allay her fears by standing by her, day and night. While Krishna and his friends are trying to identify the mischief maker, one of them is killed and another guy almost battered to death.


The people in Araku start terming Chira as a mad woman. Is she mad or is there something fishy going on? Who killed the girl and the friend of Krishna? Katha is a suspense thriller and as such it is not proper to reveal the ending.


The actors:


Katha runs primarily on Genelia for most part. She comes up with a impressive performance. Genelia’s histrionics and her looks add weight to the film and she does full justice to her character.


Arun Kumar is a newcomer and he is okay. Prakash Raj plays the role of a inspector with poise and perfection. The rest of the star cast has only largely guest roles to play.



The bottom line:


The music, story, screenplay and direction are all good. Even the songs are good and the cinematography is neat. Katha has a run time of almost two hours and thirty minutes. It is quite lengthy for a suspense thriller but the director weaves a good story and manages to keep up the temp right till the end.


Katha is not a film for the general audience but only for those who like murder and suspense thrillers. The film does have some scary moments and the weal hearted would do well to keep away from the film.

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