Kate beats Diana to become ‘3rd most beautiful royal’

A poll has indicated that Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William will make her the third most beautiful royal in history, beating the late Diana, into fourth place.

Middleton, who will become part of the royal family when she marries William on April 29, came third in the survey, one place ahead of Princess of Wales.

Princess Grace of Monaco also known as the Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly topped the list, with a 91 per cent approval rating, closely followed by Queen Rania of Jordan, on 90 per cent.

Middleton had an approval rating of 84 per cent, with the late Princess Diana close behind on 82 per cent.

The survey of 127,000 people was carried out by dating website BeautifulPeople.com.

The Princess Royal was the lowest ranking royal in the beauty stakes, according to the poll.

‘Kate Middleton is no typical beauty,’ the Telegraph quoted managing director of BeautifulPeople.com Greg Hodge as saying.

‘But her style, deportment and immaculate grooming have clearly won her an army of admirers, propelling her to the same heights as Princess Grace and Queen Rania.

‘I think the world is breathing a sigh of relief that the British monarchy can only get better looking in generations to come,’ Hodge added.(ANI)

The survey’s findings are as follows:

Top 10 royal beauties: women

1. Princess Grace of Monaco: 91 pc

2. Queen Rania of Jordan: 90 pc

3. Princess in waiting, Kate Middleton: 84 pc

4. Diana, Princess of Wales: 82 pc

5. Princess Charlotte of Monaco: 76 pc

6. Princess Gayatri Devi: 75 pc

7. Princess Madeline of Sweden: 74 pc

8. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark: 72 pc

9. Princess Margaret: 70 pc

10. Princess Masako of Japan: 68 pc

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