Kashmora Movie Review – Watchable Fantasy Horror Of Karthi

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Socio fantasy has lot of demand and craze among audience. Whenever a movie with good content comes in this genre, audience never fail to encourage. We have so many movies Yamagola, Magadheera, Yamadonga and a lot which were successful at box office. Karthi, who is familiar with Telugu audience so much with his movies is coming with his second movie in the genre of socio fantasy after Yuganiki Okkadu under the direction of Gokul produced by PVP Cinema and Dream Warrior Pictures co starring Nayanathara which is said to have heavy CG work. This movie is releasing today in Telugu and Tamil. Let’s see how it works on us!!


A still from Kashmora
A still from Kashmora

Kashmora (Karthi) is a fraud who feeds on people’s fear and ignorance in the name of ghosts and dark powers. He makes people believe that he has supernatural powers and plays with their superstitions. He plans the problems and solves them. This is how he plays with people along with his family. One fine day a local politician Dhanakoti sends all the documents and money along with gold and diamonds to his house to put them away from the sight of Income tax officials. Knowing this Kashmora’s family runs away with them and are trapped in a old palace of Rathna Mahadevi (Nayanathara). Why are they trapped there?? How they escape from the palace?? Who is Rathna Mahadevi and what is her story?? forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Karthi is terrific as Kashmora as well as Raj Nayak, the leading warrior. His performance and body language for both the characters are superb and are to be well appreciated for the hard work he put in to make those characters come alive. Sri Divya is okay in her role. She has a very limited role. Vivek is good as Karthi’s father. Nayanathara who comes in flashback has a very limited role and do not have scope to perform. She is totally wasted. Other artists performed to the extent of their roles.

Writing Department

Kashmora Movie Photos
Kashmora Movie Photos

Story of Kashmora is simple and good. Screenplay is engaging at parts and dialogues are okay as the movie is wholly based on dialogues. Too much Tamil nativity scenes spoiled the magic for Telugu audience.

Technical Departments

Compositions by Santosh Narayan are good but the choice of lyrics for them in Telugu made them bad. Songs are not so good to hear. Santosh Narayan showed his potential in composing background score and elevating scenes. Cinematography by Om Prakash is nice. Visuals look terrific with nice color pattern. Editing by V J Sabu Joseph is good. He could have done better job in maintaining the pace of the film. Action and war sequences are well composed. Production values are super rich.


  • Karthi as Kashmora and Raj Nayak
  • Cinematography by Om Prakash
  • Background score by Santosh Narayan


  • Too much scenes of Tamil nativity
  • Slow pace

This movie begins on an interesting note revealing a scene which connects to the main plot and then shifts to the story of fraudulent Kashmora who deceives people and lives on them creating fear and playing with their innocence and superstitions. Scenes written to run this story and slow paced and are full of Tamil nativity which fail to generate laughs among Telugu audience. Audience finds a bit less interested during these scenes and movie becomes interesting with the pre interval scene where Kashmora and his family is terrified by the real dark powers. This scenes works out well showcasing Karthi acting skills and also giving audience a situational humour relief. Second half begins and it fails to continue the interest generated with the pre interval scene and seems dragged till flashback but has some laughter moments. Nayanthara is wasted with a role that do not have any scope for performance. Visual effects are good. To sum up, Kashmora is a watchable fantasy movie for Karthi and visuals despite of its slow pace.

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