Karthi’s Madras in trouble?

Well, this is the latest news that’s buzzing in Kollywood. Sources say the Madras team is in quite a fix now because of Anand Shankar’s Vikram Prabhu starrer Arima Nambi and are undecided on how to proceed!


The problem is that apparently Arima Nambi which came out on July 4th and is doing well at the box office has some scenes which are quite similar to certain parts of Madras!

There are those who are of the opinion that this is nothing to be concerned about, and in a way, it is even to be expected as both movies deal with the theme of rowdyism at its core.

But given that the fans would be coming fresh off watching the Anand Shankar movie and might be less interested in watching the Ranjith flick because of a loss of novelty has the director worried and there are even talks that he may end up reshooting some portions to avoid this!

Already Madras has postponed its release by a month, to August, to avoid the Ramzan rush of high profile releases and all that would be wasted if the fans don’t appreciate the plot and the scenes in the end, as something unique.

Madras is a much needed hit for Karthi as his star status is in trouble because his previous few flicks have failed to make a sufficient impact at the box office. So, all in all, this whole situation is quite unfortunate for him as well.

The decision to release the film in August means it will be going up against Suriya’s much anticipated Anjaan as well, which is also a gangster flick albeit one of a completely different sensibility.

What will Ranjith and Karthi do now to get themselves out of this pickle?

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