Karthi’s Madras to release on July 25?

Karthi’s Madras was reported to release on July 23 and the publicity has been to this effect, especially in social media circles but sources now say the flick might be aiming for a July 25 release.


The movie, which is promised to be an out and out entertainer, is mostly based on the experience of the criminal life or goondaism in northern Chennai. “I still favour the name Madras over Chennai. Working with in live locations and with the communities there really helped me learn new aspects about my job and unlearn some things.” Karthi says.

Unlike other movies in recent times, which came out with a poster or a first look for the movie while it was still in production, Madras gave the audience a peek at their poster only after they finished wrapping. By fate or design, the poster has since gone viral.

The film is being directed by Pa Ranjith. The music has been scored by Santhosh Narayan.

This movie has another rather big burden attached to it though – it’s a real desperate one for Karthi. He really needs a hit with this one, since his last few projects didn’t work out well commercially, or he loses his shot at staying amongst the top stars in the field.

Bankability is indeed a huge deal in the film industry and one of the disadvantages, one supposes, of being a male lead actor in such a hero driven industry such as ours is that you better deliver hits consistently.

In any case, good luck to Karthi, Ranjith and team and let’s hope this one brings with it all the fireworks it promises…

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