Karthikeya Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

Karthikeya Movie Review: After “Swamy Ra Ra”, Nikhil and Swathi decided to test their luck at the box office with the film “Karthikeya”. This venture is stated to have the mythological touch along with emotions and thrill. This youthful thriller came on to the screens with huge hype. Read on to know whether it reached up to the expectations or not.


Karthik (Nikhil) is a medico student and he enters Subhramanyapuram as his group was posted in this region. This region is famous for Subhramanya Swamy temple. Interestingly, this temple was closed few years back and the ones who tries to know the reason for closing the temple dies mysteriously.

Karthik and his group too faces few mysterious situation soon after entering Subhramanyapuram. Karthik decides to take on the situation and explore why exactly this temple has been closed. How will Karthik chase this suspense turns out to be the rest of the story.


Nikhil who did mass roles till now looked good as a medico student. He looked glamorous in this flick compared to his previous ventures. Main highlight in this flick is the story and Nikhil tried his best to elevate the story with his emotions.

Swathi’s role has limited scope and she supported the main role in a perfect way. As a thriller venture that too with a suspense factor which needs heroism to be shown in a new way, the flick gave less scope to heroine’s role. Other characters too were given limited scope in this venture.

Technical Aspects:

Story is the king for this venture and the film maker Chandu worked out well on the story. Rich production values too worked out well for this venture. Cinematography and the village, temple sets looked great on the screen. Climax could have been a bit better and the entire story made audience feel the peaks of thrill. Editing, choreography and the background score are all good.

We can consider this film as a jackpot to Nikhil. After “Happy Days”, Nikhil has been experimenting himself in all sorts of directions. This venture will again give Nikhil the required break through. The appreciable factor here is the director’s keen eye on the story of this venture.


Till now, we have seen family entertainers, action and mass entertainers in this season. Here is a thriller too. This venture is a different genre flick with equal importance to all the shades. First half looked good and in the second half, varied pace was observed in the story. Climax looked good but audience will expect more thrilling ending compared to the present one. On an average, one can watch this flick for the story.

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