Karthi hospitalized, Fans concerned!

Actor Karthi’s health suffered a serious blow when he had to be hospitalized yesterday evening at 5 pm out of nowhere. Don’t worry! The actor has since been discharged, so there is no need for grave concern now.


But initially, immediately upon this news getting leaked, false news spread that the actor had suffered from fatigue and had fainted at the location of his upcoming film Komban. This had the fans in quite a frenzy for a while. But this was not true.

What happened was this…

While the filming was going on, the actor felt uneasy after having a somewhat questionable lunch. He decided to leave for home, but on the way there, his condition further deteriorated and he had to be rushed to the hospital instead.

So Karthi was admitted in to Isabel Hospital, where the doctors declared it as a particularly bad case of food poisoning, nothing more, and started treating the young star accordingly. He was then discharged after a few hours, but told to take a few days bed rest to recover fully.

So the shooting of Komban has been halted till further notice, so as to give Karthi the time to recuperate.

Komban is being directed by Muthaiah and stars Karthi and Laskhmi Menon in the lead roles. It is being produced by Studio Green.

This whole situation is also a problem for Lakshmi Menon, who had taken a leave of absence from school to join the sets to shoot for her portions in the flick. It is unclear now if she is heading back home or staying at the location till the hero recovers.

Meanwhile, Karthi’s Madras is also coming out this August.

We wish the actor a speedy recovery and all the best wishes..

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