Karisma’s 3D comeback?

Vikram Bhatt has apparently convinced Karisma Kapoor to make a comeback with his slick 3D thriller ‘Dangerous Ishq’.

Said a source close to the project: "Vikram has met Karisma several times. She loves the script of ‘Dangerous Ishq’. It has an author-backed role for her with many shades. Just the kind of character she has been looking for."

"She has made up her mind to do the film," the source added.

Vikram was apparently determined to get Karisma at any price. He could afford it after ‘Haunted’, which has become the highest-grossing horror film in India of all times.

Vikram said: "Yes, ‘Haunted’ had made a huge profit. And yes I can afford to pay my stars well. It’s a powerful role for a 30-plus actress who is stunning and talented."

Karisma, whose last screen appearance was in Suneel Darshan’s ‘Mere Jeevan Saathi’ in 2002, has been in search of the right role to return to Bollywood with.(IANS)

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