Kareena’s support to ‘Shakti’!

Kareena Kapoor has agreed to support NDTV’s campaign Shakti, aimed at fighting violence against women.

The star feels very strongly for the cause of women’s emancipation, and hopes for their betterment in India, according to a source close to her.

The 30-year-old is especially appalled with the way women, irrespective of their socio-economic status, have become so vulnerable. She is trying to persuade citizens to sign a special petition to be presented to President Pratibha Patil as part of the campaign.

"Kareena feels that this will help spread widespread awareness amongst the common man," said a source.

A spokesperson on behalf of NDTV said the channel is glad to have Kareena’s support.

"Kareena Kapoor joining NDTV for the Shakti campaign is a major boost for us, because she represents the modern, fearless woman of today and her endorsement will enable others who look up to her as a role model to speak out as well."

The campaign was launched as part of the 100th International Women’s Day Tuesday.(IANS)

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