When Kareena bumped into Shahid

Kareena and Shahid were quite a number at the prime of their careers – the couple dated for a long time which turned into a serious relationship. Both Shahid and Kareena would often expres love for each other openly and discuss future plans which only made the audience think that the two are headed to marrying each other. However, things took a surprise turn when the duo broke off painfully, and ever since avoiding each other politely at various forums.


But recently at IIFA 2014, Kareena bumped into Shahid on the stage where the latter was hosting the event. This time around, Kareena did not have any discomfort, greeting her ex-boyfriend a Hello and moving on. Apparently, Shahid did the same. Looks like the two have indeed moved on way ahead from those lovey dovey obsessive days of a love affair that rocked the Nation.


Both the actors managed to work together even after the break up in Jab We Met. However, Kareena went ahead and dated Saif Ali Khan now happily married him and settled. Shahid, on the other hand is still comfortable enjoying being single while attracting gorgeous women like Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha to his attention.

The relationships are funny – be it the Bollywood or in real life. However, the stars of Bollywood suffer a massive toll with their exes than a common man, thanks to their larger than life screen image with the masses. It remains to be seen if the two stars will come together to work once again in future.

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