Kareena as Marilyn Monroe?

There is a buzz that Kareena Kapoor is playing the lead role in director Madhur Bhandarkar’s next film inspired by the life of legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. But the director reveals that the actress is yet to give her consent.

"We know each other for years. We both admire each other’s work. In ‘Page 3’ we wanted to work together but there were some economic problems because of which we couldn’t. I met her and we have spoken on it, but we need to sit for couple of times. Once it’s decided we will make the announcement," Madhur told IANS.

Asked if the economic problem was Kareena quoting a very high price, he said, "It’s not because she was quoting a very high price. It was because our budget of the film was very less. The dates were also clashing. I think she was doing ‘Chameli’ at the time, I wanted to start my film.

"I am starting two films. I will speak about it later," said Madhur. (IANS)


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