Karan Singh Grover: ‘The scenes in Alone are very very scary’

Karan Singh Grover in Alone

When news came in that TV hottie, Karan Singh Grover is all set to mark his Bollywood debut with Alone opposite Bipasha Basu, all his fans went gaga. He is downright hot and might as well be used to ogling from pretty ladies, by now.

Though the romance quotient in Alone is high, but higher is the dosage of horror and the actor feels that the scenes are very very scary. He got spooked himself. He says, “The scenes in this film are very very scary. For it to happen to anybody, even if we are just acting, we still have to feel it and once you feel something like that, you can’t really disconnect from it suddenly. It stays with you and there are times in the future or during the shoot you are constantly reminded of those things because it doesn’t leave you. So there are a lot of horrific memories in my mind right now because we had to imagine so much.”

Alone stars Bipasha Basu as the female lead and she’ll play conjoined twins in the movie. The film is the official remake of Thai Language film of the same name.

Come January 16th,and you will not be ‘Alone’, in the theatres near you.

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