Karan Johar’s Big Birthday Party

The top shot filmmaker Karan Johar has released a big fat party invitation very recently to all the top stars. Let us try to know the reason for this.

Karan Johar
Karan Johar

If you think that this is the success party of Baahubali-2, then you are mistaken. This party is nothing but the birthday party of Karan Johar himself. This director cum producer is going to turn 45 soon this year and to mark this occasion; he is throwing a never seen fantabulous party to all his friends and well-wishers. These invitees include all the top stars like Khans, Bachchans, Kapoors and even the small heroes. It came to know that Karan is inviting everyone personally over the phone. But we couldn’t find the names of any important members from the team of Baahubali-2 like Rajamouli and Prabhas and this point is stirring controversy.

With the parts one and two, Karan bagged tons of crores in the name of profits for Baahubali. He has got enough money than the help he has done in promoting and releasing the flick in India.

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