Karan Johar not directing RA.One

Even though over the last few days, Karan Johar has tweeted that he is away on a holiday in London, the truth is, he is there to assist good friend Shah Rukh Khan with the direction of his home production RA.One, currently being shot there. The film is being directed by Anubhav Sinha.

There have been reports of arguments between King Khan and Sinha since they began filming.

But in all fairness, the problem is that the absence of Juhi Chawla’s brother (and Red Chillies CEO) Bobby is making all the difference in the smooth sailing of the shoot.

Bobby’s expertise is being missed at planning and executing, resulting in stress for everyone. In a telling move, Anubhav has been forbidden from using his mobile phone till shots have been okayed on the monitor.

This is Shah Rukh’s most expensive film to date and he didn’t want to waste any days, and so he made an SOS call to Karan, whose judgement and cinematic sensibilities he has high regard for. Now some songs and scenes are being shot separately on two different sets.

The unit was divided and they shot at two locations with Khan, Kareena and KJo at one and Anubhav at the other.

Karan has directed some action scenes and even shot a song on Bebo and SRK. However, the My Name Is Khan director is very clear that he’s just helping out and doesn’t want to take the credit away from Anubhav in any way.



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