Karan Johar denies signing Khans for a hefty sum!

Karan Johar has been making it to the news-stands for paying many crores to Salman and Aamir for his upcoming ventures with them. It was in the air that Karan had paid Salman some 150 crores for Shuddi and Aamir the same sum for some other venture.


And that led to all the wonderings and wanderings in tinselville. Turns out it was all fabricated and there has been no substance in the news whatsoever!

Denying the news about signing Aamir and Salman Khan for Rs.150 crore each, K’Jo awakened his sense of humor and tweeted, “Let’s introduce a simple place to certain news reports…it’s called the TRUTH…easy to find but very few manage to get there. Apparently I have paid 300 crores to 2 major super stars…yes!! If this is true then I am also looking for a job, a house and a LIFE!!”

Good answer Karan!

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