Karan Johar blessed with twins without marriage

Top Bollywood maker Karan Johar has surprised all with his revealing tweet yesterday. This sensational director did create the sensation by sharing a personal thing about his life.

Karan Johar Turns Father
Karan Johar Turns Father

Karan Johar is tagged as most open and frank director in the Bollywood. He is known for his gay rumors. Proving them all wrong, he yesterday revealed that he was blessed with twins in February. After ample time, he shared this yesterday after preparing his mind to make the World know that these children are born with surrogacy without being married. He claimed that he is so happy and ready to be a father to bring up his children. Karan registered their names as Roohi and Yash in Mumbai. However, he kept the of the mother who delivered these twins due to surrogacy matter, but he didn’t fail to thank her for being so protective all the way. He finally thanked the doctor Jatin Shah for being helpful until now.

Karan stated in his autobiography that he would rather adopt kids or get kids by surrogacy than getting married. He proved his words and stood as an example for the character. It’s a known fact that actor Tushar Kapoor got his kids in the same process last year.

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