Kannada actress Maitreyi filed rape case on Karthik!


Kannada actress Maitreyi, who was once a model, filed rape case on Karthik, son of Railway Minister, Sadhanand Goud. This lady mentioned that Karthik deceived her saying that he will marry her. It is a noted fact that Karthik’s engagement has been done recently with another girl.

Taking Maithreyi’s report into consideration, rape case has been booked on Karthik. This case took a new turn when Sadhanand stated that this girl blackmailed them. He stated that this case and all is a part of the sketch of the rivals. He further revealed that someone is trying to suppress their power with these cases.

As per Sadhanand, Karthik is innocent and he didn’t do anything to Maithry. Report says that Maithreyi and Karthik met through a common friend and they became close friends. Looks like, this case has some mystery involved in it. Stay tuned to know more about this.

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