Kangana’s Embarrassing Dress Shocks All

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut not only makes waves with her acting prowess but also with her weird controversies.

Kangana Dress
Kangana Dress

The actress, who still is waging a legal battle with her alleged ex and Bollywood actor Hrithik RIshan, has recently created a flutter at a public event by attending in a backless dress. After people started looking at her in a weird manner and gossiping about the embarrassing outfit, Kangana is heard to have left the place in a hurry.

Several heroines claim exposing as a necessity to survive in the film industry but what is the need of unnecessary exposing in movie related functions? Few actresses even argue that no one has the right to put a cap on their freedom.

The latest appearance of Kangana is an example for all such actresses that experimenting too much with outfits can sometimes give horrible results.

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