Kangana talks about Metoo movement

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is not only popular for her impeccable acting skills but also for her outspoken nature. Sometimes, her don’t care attitude was received well by the people while sometimes it landed her in some serious controversies. But she always remained the same and never changed her approach towards things.

Kangana About Meetoo
Kangana About Meetoo

Recently, in an interview given to news daily, Kangana opened up about the ongoing Metoo movement. She said that every woman should be responsible for her own safety and young girls should be taught on these issues and how to handle them. She revealed that she was once pinched on her butt by a man in the middle of a group.

Kangana also stated that earlier victims used to be afraid of coming out but now with the way the things are being reported, people are thinking twice before trying to get sexually close to a woman. Kangana’s latest flick Manikarnika is slated for the release on January 25.

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