Kangana Ranaut’s passionate kiss in Revolver Rani

Actress Kangana Ranaut has gone bolder from bold – the actress redefined the image of Bollywood image in her upcoming film Revolver Rani. In a domain where the heroes play the womanizers, Kangana turned the whole thing to herself playing the ‘Manizer’ and calling the shots.


The film has a steamy scene where Kangana practically drags her costar Vir Das into a room and kisses him violently. The lip lock so violent that it leaves Vir bleeding! This is the firsts for the actress who is always game for challenging roles. Kangana plays a dacoit, an extremely dominating, violent and aggressive woman.
Apparently the sources who saw the scene filmed swear that no other actress has ever done such a bold scene with so much intensity. Ever!

After attaining success with Queen, Kangana has upped the notch with the next level bar. She is certainly enjoying the roles that are being offered to her, way apart than the conventional boring Bollywood roles offered to the other leading ladies in the scene.

Revolver Rani will showcase Kangana Ranaut in her finest, say the film crew.

The actress recently spoke about the film and her role, stating that no one will marry he after watching Revolver Rani. Going by the depth of her words, we are certain that this film will stand out from her list of many landmark films with exceptional roles and performances.

Revolver Rani stars Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das in the main leads and is slated to release on April 25th.

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