Kangana Ranaut’s Connection With Black Magic

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is currently experiencing a tough phase in her career right now. Surrounded by all the unnecessary controversies, the actress is making headlines daily. Now, her ex-boyfriend in an interview to DNA, let out some spine-chilling details about Kangana. He in fact, in the beginning, did not believe what he saw but later on, few incidents forced him to come to a conclusion about the actress. He told that the actress had a connection with Black Magic activities.

Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman
Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman

Revealing his experiences, he said, “One day Kangana called me at home in the night for performing some puja. And I reached at 11.30 pm and found a guest in her apartment. She had covered it in black, including black curtains. There were also some statues of God in the room. She kept some fire and also scary things. She then made me chant some mantras and immediately locked me in which terrified me a lot. I didn’t do it and I came out and told her that I had. Then she started taking me to Pallavi frequently. One day, Pallavi said to go to the graveyard at 12 am and throw these certain things. I didn’t go.”

Soon after that he was very much worried. His mother called their family pandit to do some Shanti. “I had reached a stage where I would have either died because of an overdose of alcohol or gone mental. My mom prayed a lot for me. The same Pandit later on came on Salman’s Dus Ka Dum also, and he looked at Kangana in the middle of the show and said “Aap Pisachini (demoness) hai.” She treated it as if it was a joke. It’s there on national TV.” he said later on revealing much on the issue to the exclusive interview to DNA.

Kangana’s boyfriend, Adhyayan Suman stated that he still frightened to talk about Kangana. These sudden shocking facts are making the actress situation worse. Lets see if she can react on this.

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