Kangana Ranaut is unfazed with the success of Queen

Kangana at Queen success meet

Queen may look like a life changing film for Kangana Ranaut but the talented actress is neither high not distracted with this sudden surge of uprising in her career. When asked as to how she felt about the film catapulting her image to great heights, Kangana was surprisingly calm and unfazed about it all. She stated that she is only trying to make her identity and doesn’t aspire to win “flavor of the season” tag.

“I am a self made person. Whatever i have achieved till date, i have struggled a lot for it” she said.

Kangana in queen

Kangana, who made a scintillating debut with the film Gangster in 2005, caught the attention of the film critics and the audience with her impeccable performance with the very first film. Her curly hair became the new fashion statement and her voice, a new fad. Then followed films like Woh Lamhe, Life in a Metro, Fashion, Once upon a time in Mumbai and Tanu weds Manu – all seeing the very best of Ranaut. However, its the latest film Queen that set a milestone apart for the actress, collecting about Rs 50 crore at the Box Office, making Kangana one of the finest in Indian Cinema.

Talking about the ‘Queen’ tag given by the audience and the media, Kangana expressed that such a tag is given to different actresses every month, so she doesn’t want any such tag.

Kangana won the coveted National Award for her mind blowing performance in the film Fashion. She will soon be seen playing an interesting role in her next film with an equally interesting title, Revolver Rani.

“I have been struggling from the last eight years and where i have reached today, i am still not the flavor of the season and i don’t aspire to be one. I do my job honestly. I do different kind of work and i am trying to make my own identity” signed off the Queen of hearts.


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