Kangana Ranaut in Ragini MMS scandal!

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has agreed to play lead Ekta Kapoor’s tentatively titled ‘Raggini MMS’.Ekta Kapoor has approached the beautiful actress for a role in her next venture Ragini MMS.

Ragini MMS is a based on real life incident. When the Balaji production house watched the footage of a girl involved in the MMS scandal, they decided to narrate the story of the victim to entire world.

The movie is about a young good-looking adult couple on a romantic weekend getaway in a house. Unknown to them, the house is rigged with cameras. The cameras have been put there to record love-making scenes. It become witness to something that is beyond the realm of human understanding.

Ekta,said that the movie is going to be short and the shooting time is just 3 months. The Movie will be releases by April.

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