Kandireega Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is
Something you’ve already seen.

The central idea of the film is for Ram to satisfy all his fantasies of himself on screen. If only he was a guy (and our other guys) with better/original fantasies, we would have far better films. Ram jumps across a train, a moving one and some graphics indicate that he’s the ‘Energetic Star RAM’ now; most of the these colourful graphics indicating the arrival of our beloveds of late have mostly been these mid-air, freeze frame, ugly close-up and some graphics on top of that. Ugly graphics aside, Seenu (Energetic Star RAM) is the kind of character Ram usually plays. He can beat up about 20 to 30 guys at any given moment, barf out punch lines with a background score that wouldn’t confuse the audience (always have the stock tunes we have for such moments), the ladies man, dance like his life’s hanging in the balance and his other signature traits, he hadn’t disappointed us , he gave us all he usually does.

Seenu’s desperate to get married, but, couldn’t for some very funny reasons. You might just laugh too. He comes to Hyderabad to finish his impending graduation, falls for Shruthi (Hansika) at first sight, Shruthi’s harassed and protected by the local gangster (Bhavani played by Sonu Sood), Seenu being this incredible cyborg confuses Bhavani, wins Shruthi’s heart, dresses up repulsively and does other things. But, a major stroke of screen writing novelty awaits him in the second half. Strokes like this will take years to form into these complete and beautiful pages of a screenplay.

Why will this probably click at the box office?
Years and years have gone by with mind numbing films which have pushed us into a forgiver’s limbo. If the film’s not stagnant in pace and there are few laughs available, we forgive and donate to these charities in mass numbers. We have to, otherwise they’ll not be able to produce another one of these genius films. And with all the travel around the world to shoot these fabulous songs with the foreigners in the background wondering what are people like this doing with film gear.

Told already, Ram delivers like he usually does. He’s so energetic in every frame, a frown is printed on your head by the end of the show. It’s like he’s almost provoking you to leave the theater.

Hansika doesn’t disappoint either, she continues to be the repulsion she is.

Swathi’s little cameo and Sonu Sood are the major and only reliefs. Sood pulled off the Telugu Hero act too. He is good.

You can stay back at the theatre’s canteen and walk in at 15 minute intervals to have a glance at the screen and you won’t miss a thing. You know it all, seen it all, heard it all, bored of it all.

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