Kanchana review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is
A movie which makes an effort to scare the spectators

Raghava (Lawrence) is a youngster with a devil-may-care attitude who is often showed playing cricket, however he is still scared of nights though he is about twenty and above age. Due to this reason he still sleeps with his mother (Kovai Sarala) and is often frightened by his brother’s kids who recite horror stories.

Raghava with his friends happens to come up with a situation where they have to search for another ground to play cricket and accidentally they end up at an old site which appears to be haunted. The group of friends is pursued by some mysterious power hence they are scattered hitherto.

Unknown to Raghava, this unknown power is brought home which is discovered after certain weird happenings at home. This is when the people at home find that they are residing not with one but three ghosts all of which are sheltered in Raghava’s body. Simultaneous to this story there is a politician who finds all his followers being mysteriously executed.
Exorcists called by Raghava’s mother unveil that the main ghost inside Raghava is Kanchana who under the pressure exerted by exorcist narrates the entire story related.

What bores you?
The screenplay of the movie spoils the feel of a horror movie with the horror scene either followed by a song or comic scene. If there is anything to be scared of it happens to come at the end which is however again disturbed by the improper visual effects which give the scene more of comical appearance rather than scary.

Vikram might have been capable enough to give out an excellent scene with three varying roles, Lawrence however is not vikram to do so, but it can be said that he had his time when he has danced all dressed up like a eunuch.

Lakshmi Rai has been exclusively roped in only to do songs, apart from which she has nothing much to do, and the dubbing also has gone to add to the movie’s negativities by using the voices often heard in daily serials.

What brings you back?
The entire movie seems to have run only on certain scenes which tend to take the audience nerves to a breaking point. The thoughtful idea of showing support to eunuch who do not know how to tackle themselves, Sharath kumar doing a special role as eunuch supports the story of the movie which otherwise would be easy to guess.

Kovai Sarala was at her best with going gaga over the top hysterics, Lawrence has given his best try to scare away the people and also seem to have been partially successful.

Lakshmi Rai appears to fulfill the glamour quota completely in the songs for which she might have been roped in.

Movie with sufficient spine chilling moments but still can be considered to be a cheap thriller.

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