Kammas Banned Pepsi-Kapus Banned Thumbs Up

If there is one reason why the Telugus have been failing at many places, it is due to the extreme caste feeling. Ironically, this has been on the rise over the past few years which is causing a great concern. Here is an example of how amateur and primitive some minds can be.

The JKC College in Guntur is now being known for its caste flavors. Earlier Kammas in this college used to ban the soft drink Thumbs up since it had Chiranjeevi as the brand ambassador, now the same drink is being banned by Kapus since this has Mahesh Babu as its brand ambassador.

It is said that Kammas in this college never like Pepsi for the simple fact that then it was Pawan Kalyan and now it is his son Charan those endorsed it. This might sound ridiculous but sources say that this is indeed happening, so if this is occurring right in the college stage, wonder what all these guys will grow up to be when they come out of JKC.

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