Kamilini’s stunning statement on Tollywood

Kamilini Mukherjee Comments on TFI

Kamilini Mukherjee, who doesn’t generally like to give stunning statements in the media, gave a statement which shocked Tollywood film makers. She mentioned that Tollywood gives very less scope to film heroines. It is known that Kamilini has been choosing roles which are not too glamorous.

She mentioned that there are very less flicks which gives opportunity to actress to concentrate on the acting skills. She frankly mentioned that Tollywood has less scope for heroines. This may be a stunning statement to the respective film makers in Tollywood.

From the past few years, Tollywood has been changing in various ways. Heroines are turning to be the commercial assets for films and Kamilini Mukharjee directly said that statement to the media. Hope, she gets good character oriented offers in this industry.

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