Kamal’s Will letter for his daughters

The Universal Hero Kamal Haasan is known for his losses in life. More than his profits, he has bagged losses, and no one knows how much he has got in his bank.

Kamal-Shruti -Akshara
Kamal-Shruti -Akshara

Such actor’s Will which he has written to his two daughters are in deep discussions. None other than Rajinikanth has openly declared that Kamal has no properties in his life as he wasted money in bad investments. Kamal who was worried about these comments is now speculated that he started saving money and has written an equal share of his properties to his two daughters Shruti and Akshara. He is now in tension that if he lost all his money on crazy projects like Vishwaroopam and others, his daughters might feel difficult in the future facing money problems. Along with the movies, he is also earning with special programs like Big Boss in Tamil which will get started soon.

His upcoming movie Subhash Naidu is now in slow progress. This movie has Shruti and Brahmi in important roles. The story and screenplay are given by Kamal himself.

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