Kamal wants to make a movie on Madhavikutty

Director Kamal is one of those film makers who always manages to surprise the fans with the sheer variety of subjects he chooses to base his creations on. Having made a critically acclaimed motion picture about the life of Malayalam cinema’s father JC Daniel ( aptly named Celluloid), he now says he dreams about making a biographical film on the life of late controversial poet Madhavikutty a.k.a Kamala Suraiyya.


Not just that, he also has an idea as to who he wants to rope in for the part – Bollywood star Vidya Balan! Kamal seems to think she would be perfect for the job of looking the part as well as bringing to life all that the late poet embodied.

The innovative and dedicated director, who has a history of fighting against the current of mainstream trends and concerns, says he wants to tackle every aspect of the ‘confessional’ poet’s life, including her much discussed change of faith and the transformation from Madhavikutty to Kamala Suraiyya.

The poetess, whose works are still a matter of much debate in literary circles, even in today’s progressive atmosphere, was someone unafraid to live life by her own beliefs and held her steady fascination with the communication of deep and troubling emotional truths and their poignant beauty till the end.

Maybe, if the project does become a reality, Kamal would indeed be the right man to tell this tale to the next generation and the ones after, in true cinematic fashion.

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