Kamal Kamaraju transcends the divide on Canvas

While most actors have taken words as a medium to express their views over the State divide, there is one multi talented actor who used Art to showcase the same. Kamal Kamaraju, the actor who is also a well known artist, expressed his view which sums up to be a totality of the situation with his latest painting of two cows, titled “a tale of two states”. Given that he is about to showcase his next big exhibit, “Rani – The Great Indian Cow” shortly, this preview just raises the curiosity quotient to another level amongst art lovers, critics and film goers. This is what Kamal had to say about his painting in a leading newspaper daily – “While the right one has huge resources and positivity to look forward to, the left one is portrayed as one that has to look back and see what can be done now. The sprinkled red indicates the red corridor (naxalites), while blue represents the coastline of Andhra region. Also, it forces a person to think which side the head belongs to. The gold indicates the time and money invested into Hyderabad from both the regions, all these years, I feel whichever side the head turns, it will be catering to both the regions”. Well, that is some amazing detail on the current scenario with a striking depiction on canvas – isn’t it?

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