Kamal Hassan’s four hour make up!

Kamal Hassan has been known to go above and beyond in terms of preparation to get in to character for a film and it seems he has not lost his passion for his craft at all because once again he is going through hellish ordeals to do his job well. In this case, we are talking about his makeup routine for Uthama Villain.

Uttama Villain 2

It took makeup artistes specially flown in from around the world almost 4 hours a day, every day, to get the actor to look right for one of the roles he plays in the movie Uthama Villain!

Now that must be insanely difficult to then perform immaculately as well, but somehow the Ulaga Nayagan manages to do it.

The director of the film Ramesh Aravind, said in a candid interview recently that Kamal’s acting in the film takes it to soaring heights. Especially the second half of the film and the climax in particular which he referred to as “pure magic”.

Uthama Villain as far as we know is partly a period flick with Kamal playing an actor. Reports also indicate he plays dual roles in the film, so the details are as vague as ever on this – quite intentionally so, done by the team behind the movie to build up hype. And needless to say, it’s working.

The cast of the movie includes an array of top names and veterans like Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Jayaram, Urvashi and K Balachander.

The film is being produced by N Lingusamy under the banner of Thiruppathi Brothers in association with Kamal Haasan himself under the banner of his own company, Raaj Kamal Films International.

M Ghibran is the man composing the tunes for this epic film and Shyam Dutt is the cinematographer.

Fans wait eagerly for further details on this hugely anticipated venture…

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