Kamal Hassan donated Rs 16 Crore for HIV affected Children

Kamal Hassan Donates 16 Crores to HIV
Kamal Hassan Donates 16 Crores to HIV

As per reports universal hero Kamal Hassan has donated the whopping Rs 16 Crore money that he made from the brand endorsement deal of Pothys to Petralthan Pillaiya (PTP) Trust, which has been working towards the welfare of HIV Positive children.

This is a great contribution from a star who stayed away from endorsing corporate brands until now. Many heroes of this generation earn crores from brand endorsements and they feel the money as the side income. They must take a leaf out of Kamal’s book and donate something for the society.

Kamal Hassan’s new movie Cheekati Rajyam will release on November 10 in the US, with special premieres planned for November 9. It is directed by Kamal Hassan’s long-time associate Rajesh M. Selva, the film is the official remake of French thriller ‘Sleepless Night’.

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