Kajol wants to work till end of pregnancy

Actor Kajol, who is expecting her second child in October and has a film up for release the next month, says that she is not feeling nervous as the D-day nears.

"I am not nervous about both. I do not believe in stressing about things which I cannot change. There is no point in worrying for situations which cannot be changed," Kajol who is busy promoting her next film, We Are Family, releasing in the first week of September, told PTI.

The 35-year-old actress said that she plans to work till the end of her pregnancy.

"It is good to know that I can work. I was very nervous the first time around. Now I am comfortable because I know what to expect," she said.

We Are Family, is a remake of Hollywood movie Stepmom but Kajol is of the opinion that some films are best not remade.

"There are lot of films that should not be remade. Magic cannot be duplicated," she added.

According to her, if Stepmom was remade in English, it would flop.

"We are making it in a different language and hence the script had to be changed and Indianised. It has become a different movie. The premise is, however, same," she said.

Kajol who has danced to one of the songs in the film, decided to shake a leg despite the pregnancy for her good friend Karan Johar, the producer of the film.

"There was so much of jumping in the dance steps. I suggested to Karan that the song could be picturised on someone else. But, he decided to make changes in the dance steps. Working on the song was fun. It has the Elvis Presley feel of the 1960s," she said.

In the film, her character Maya entrusts the job of looking after her children to her ex-husband’s new fiance. But, in real life Kajol said she would never do such a thing.

"In real life, I have huge issues with trust. Nobody can take care of my child better than me," she said.

The actress already has a 7-year-old daughter Nysa with husband, actor Ajay Devgn.(PTI)

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