Kajal hits back on FHM!

Actress Kajal Agarwal has now became the hot topic on web and media for her Topless photo shoot.

The issue is all about Kajal posing topless for one of the men magazine’s cover page. However actress denies the news and she accepts she has posed for a magazine but I used a black tube while shooting and not topless, her pictures are being photo shopped and morphed to look so. She claims that the magazine has released her distorted pictures which are an unethical act and she is not that type of person who would ever do such topless shoots. "My reputation and work stand by me and the magazine people have spread wrong statements on my behalf to publicize their magazine". Kajal also stated that she is going to take action on FHM magazine legally.

FHM India is the magazine for which she has shooted for. And the magazine refuses her statements and Kabeer Sharma the executive editor of FHM India says “This accusation by her is shocking and preposterous. FHM has never in its history morphed a photograph of any celebrity whom they have worked with. We have a duly signed form by Kajal, in addition to SMS/email exchanges with her confirming the shoot as proofs. It is baffling why now suddenly she is denying a shoot that she has willingly done.”

Now we have to see where this controversy ends!!

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