Kajal first and Samantha Second in Brahmotsavam

It is well known that three hotties, Samantha, KajalAggarwal and Pranitha Subhash are romancing superstar Mahesh Babu in his new film ‘Brahmotsavam’. There has been a lot of confusion among fans regarding who the main lead actress is?

Kajal and Samantha in Brahmotsavam
Kajal and Samantha in Brahmotsavam

As per sources and the schedules complete so far, we can say that Kajal is the first lead actress. In all the shooting locations, Kajal was seen, and Pranitha was also seen at few times. However, there is no clue where Samantha is and when her portions will be shot.

It is heard that Samantha is playing a minimal role in the film while Kajal walked away with major role. Pranitha, who is branded as the second heroine in the films of star heroes, became the third heroine for this film.

Directed by Srikanth Addala and produced by PVP Cinema, the family entertainer is targeting April 29th as release date.

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