Kajal Aggarwal demands too much!

Kajal Aggarwal has become one of those actresses who’s reputation has become bankable enough for producers as she delivers hits consistently. But the Magadheera beauty maybe taking things a little bit too far as reports indicate that she is losing some good projects due to her high demands!


Yes, we are talking about her paycheck or rather what she would like it to be. With her last Kollywood film Jilla too becoming a block buster hit, the actress seems to have upped her remuneration to Rs 1.25 crores!

According to sources, this what she has demanded for the untitled Jayam Ravi starrer to be directed by Suraaj. We don’t know if that demand has been met by the producer yet, but we do know that projects like Kamal Haasan’s Uthama Villain slipped by her because of this pretty high rate she has valued skills at.

Now, for sure this is an industry where the career span of the female actors – with a few exceptions of course – don’t last as long as their male counterparts and this makes it even more competitive for the ladies.. but is the beautiful starlet setting her priorities wrong or is she doing the smart thing here?

After all, the more good movies you give up, the more you are shooting yourself in the foot – there will always be someone to replace you.

Besides, isn’t the magic of cinema that it immortalises you forever on film? Should you really be giving up those opportunities and that too working with people like Kamal Haasan, all for the sake of the party line ‘let’s make hay while the sun shines..’?

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