Kajal Agarwal’s version of pub culture

Sizzling beauty Kajal Agarwal recently topped the news with the pub and drinking aspect. In “Govindhudu Andhari Vadele”, Kajal Agarwal came out with drinking sequence and this raised the levels of interest in the audience. Few media segments tried to know whether she really had a drink or it is a fruit juice.

Kajal Agarwal Pub

Speaking to the media, Kajal Agarwal mentioned that it is just fruit juice but not a hot drink. She further gave her version on the present generation pub culture. Kajal stated that it is common for girls to go to pub and have some drink and hence she didn’t take this aspect too seriously when director narrated the scene to her.

Few sets of audience are not believing that she had fruit juice in that sequence as she acted too genuinely. Now, Kajal is striving hard to convince audience that it is just fruit juice but not a hot drink.

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