Kajal Agarwal’s counterattack on Stalin’s complaint


South Indian beauty queen Kajal Agarwal counterattacked Stallin’s complaint saying that she was left in the most critical stage by the film unit of Stallin. She mentioned that Stallin gave an advance of 40 lakhs and took 40 days of her schedule. She further stated that Stallin took back his word of roping her into his flick in the final stage.

It seems that Kajal blocked her schedule for those 40 days without giving dates to any other project. In the final stage, Stallin kept Kajal aside and took Nayantara. Kajal even mentioned that Stallin’s followers told her that she has been replaced as her previous flick with Karthi didn’t work out well at the box office.

As they took back their word in the last minute, Kajal was not able to adjust dates to any other project and those days went wasted. Analysts are remembering the days when Kajal Agarwal took break and went on a holiday for around a month. Kajal Agarwal shot back at Stallin saying these statements. Looks like, both Stallin and Kajal have valid reason on this issue.

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