Kajal Agarwal to get 3 Crores for flick?

Kajal Agarwal 3 Crores

Sizzling beauty Kajal Agarwal is set to act in a film which will have Vishal in the lead role. This pair has good market in Tollywood and Kollywood. It seems that Kajal has decided to demand 3 Crores for this venture. Reports mentioned that she quoted this amount for this venture and the reason for that the flick is being released as a direct one in both Telugu and Tamil.

As it is like working for two versions, she decided to demand 3 Crores for the entire flick. As per the update, Vishal and his production team is not ready to shell out that much amount to this beauty and if sources have to be believed, Kajal too is not interested to come down on the price tag.

We have to see how Kajal sets a deal with this flick’s film makers. If everything goes fine, we can expect Kajal to be on the top of the list with respect to highest remuneration taker in South India.

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