Kajal Agarwal acting too pricey?

The beautiful Kajal has a lot going for her, including a fan base that appreciates her talents and filmmakers looking to employ her. But the starlet seems to be messing up things on her end, or so some people feel. The reason for this frustration is the huge paycheque she is suddenly demanding.


Kajal was recently approached to play one of the female leads in Suraaj’s Jayam Ravi starrer, and the actress is reported to have asked for a payday of Rs 1.5 crores!
This was for herself and her staff and apparently, she was unwilling to budge from this in any way possible though the producers tried their hand at negotiating with her. This has left the filmmakers perplexed and somewhat hesitant in employing her now… at least, they are yet to make a decision.

Lakshmi Movie Makers is the production house in question here, by the way.

This whole thing becomes even more intriguing when you realize that Kajal currently has no big projects in Tamil or Telugu. The Kollywood super hit Jilla starring Vijay was her last film. Why is the actress acting so pricey all of a sudden then?

In any case, if the producers do decide to give in, this would make Kajal one of the highest paid actresses in the south, if not the highest. The diva who holds that title right now is the sensual Nayantara.

Business wise, an average person has to question if this ‘demand more, make more’ strategy will work to the actor’s success or detriment in the long run.

For example, Samantha is only the fourth highest paid actress in the south, but she is so prolific that her popularity and market value is soaring right now. Is it better to milk your chances when you can or just make sure you have more chances?

You be the judge…

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