Kadapa King Makers in Dilemma

Makers of Pawan Kalyan’s new film ‘Kadapa King’ are said to be in a dilemma after the actor’s latest political meeting.

Pawan Kalyan Kadapa King Movie
Pawan Kalyan Kadapa King Movie

During the Tirupati meeting, the Jana Sena chief announced that he will fight for AP special status and will organize meetings in all the districts of AP. He also said that he would continue to act in films but when will he get time if he has planned to organize meetings in all AP districts and fight for special status?

The shooting of ‘Kadapa King’ was started few days but just after 2 days of filming, makers scrapped the shoot. It is a herculean task for makers to bring Pawan to shooting location, considering he is free, and roping the technicians and supporting actors. Even if they could pull it off, the film will take ages to complete.

Pawan’s next meeting is on September 9, and no one is sure when he will start the shooting.

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