Kabali Director Receives Abuses on Social Media

Pa Ranjith, the director of superstar Rajinikanth’s latest release ‘Kabali’, is receiving several waves of abuse from the fans and movie lovers ever since the film hit screens.

Kabali Pa Ranjith
Kabali Pa Ranjith

‘Kabali’, which was released worldwide on July 22 with sky-high expectations, couldn’t manage to sustain the expectations. The slow narration and the lack of commercial ingredients expected in Rajini starrers made the fans and average moviegoers angry. As a result, Ranjith has been receiving several abuses from fans on social media.

Many opines that a director must consider it as once in a lifetime opportunity when he gets a chance to direct Rajini and use it to the core to satisfy fans. Ranjith failed utterly in this aspect and brought the expectations of fans to ground. Several heroes offered Ranjith chances after ‘Kabali’, but now we have to see if he still gets those offers?

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