Kaanchi Review

Rating: 1/5

Critic Rating: (1/5)

So, ‘Kaanchi The Unbreakable’ has finally hit the theatres. Phewww! Okay. Lets try and decode the ‘inspiration’ behind making this film.

In 1990 when we had just started using landlines,Subhash Ghai made ‘Saudagar’ where this girl from the mountains fell in love with the son of her family’s rivals and struggled in the big bad world. In the mid-90s when we moved on to using pagers, Subhash Ghai made ‘Pardes’ where this girl from the mountains was engaged to an NRI and struggled in the big bad world. Towards the end of the century in 1999 when we graduated to mobile phones, Subhash Ghai directed ‘Taal’ where this girl from the mountains wanted to be a singer and was exposed to the big bad world. In 2014 when we are using smart phones, tablets and satellite phones, Subhash Ghai is STILL making a film about this girl from the mountains who struggles in the big bad world. Like,seriously?

If that wasn’t enough, he sticks to his obsession of introducing his heroines whose names start with the letter M; Meenakshi, Madhuri, Manisha. Hence Ritu Chaudhary became Mahima in ‘Pardes’ and in ‘Kaanchi’ Indrani Chakraborty has been renamed ‘Mishti’. (Too dumb to be true, I agree!)

Coming to the plot, Mishti plays the titular character,Kaanchi who forces expletives at the drop of a hat. She cycles at the speed of a Ferrari and commits suicide because she can’t stand a joke! Her hobby is to slap people; there are easily five to six people she slaps in the movie. (Only if we could do the same to Mr. Ghai for putting us through this excruciatingly painfully boring flick!)

Then there is Binda (Ankit Tiwari),Kaanchi’s best friend, who runs an army school, flies off from a rope like how a Tarzan does (which doesn’t look convincing either) and gives inspiring speeches in his free time.(How I wish he stuck to giving speeches like those in ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama’).

The film is about this young fiery couple in a village called Koshampa. They only kiss and do nothing substantial to interest the audiences. But the painter son of a politician falls in love with Kaanchi, can’t stand her lover and so kills him even before the couple get to do something ‘interesting’. Sad!

The rest of the film has Kaanchi avenging her husband’s death by slipping into a politician’s room and doing a sting operation on his illicit relationships and creating a stir in the political world! (Theme stolen from ‘Hate Story’. Shot the same way!)

And yeah,coming to ‘Women Empowerment’, well, women should rather save themselves from this to be empowered enough!

Mithun Chakraborty plays a politician, Shyamdada with excruciating boredom. It looks like he was made to play this character at gunpoint. His cheeks are abnormally swollen in the film like he has stuffed cotton balls under his cheeks.
The performances are not up to the mark. Irritating characters,for sure. It all seems like a mugged-up play where everyone just seems to skim through their scenes by delivering below-par lines
For someone who runs an Acting school, Subhash Ghai definitely disappoints us with this flick.

Kaanchi the Unbreakable is as believable as Rajnikanth’s on-screen antices. Atleast the latter is entertaining!

Definitely worth a miss. Do not waste your weekend over this!

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