Kaadhali Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Movie Name Kaadhali
Movie Cast Harish Kalyan, Sai Ronak, Pooja K Doshi
Director Pattabhi R Chilukuri
Music Director Prasannan,Praveen,Shyam
Production Company Pattabhi R Chilukuri
Release Date June 16, 2017

Kaadhali is the latest film in discussions now. The youthful romantic entertainer is coming up featuring all the young actors was directed by a newcomer Pattabhi R Chilukuri. The director also turned producer for his movie. Three newcomers are being introduced as actors in the movie. Already the audio album of the film has become a hit. Ram Charan and KTR attended the event as guests and wished the team a grand success. The film is in the theatres now. Check out our review on the movie.


Kadhali Telugu Movie 2017 Review
Kadhali Telugu Movie 2017 Review

The film Kaadhali is all about a girl Bandhavi (Pooja K Doshi) who is a Physiotherapist. Her parents make her go hurry to get married and she falls in a situation where she can’t be able to find a life partner for her. She comes across Kranthi (Sai Ronak), a traveller and Karthik (Harish Kalyan) in her life. The rest of the story is all about her thought process in choosing one between the two.

Cast and Performances:

Pooja Doshi, Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan are the lead actors of the film. All the three young actors are very talented and they impressed with their first film appearance. From screen presence to the performance, they have delivered their best. The actress especially looks beautiful and impressive in her own way. She has the spark of catching the special attention of the viewers. Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan are good in their roles and they have given their best for the movie. The other actors who played the supporting roles are not familiar for us but they are good in the roles designated for them.

Writing Department:

Kaadhali Telugu Movie
Kaadhali Telugu Movie

The writing of the movie is so fresh. The film’s script looks good and entertaining. There are many highlight scenes in the movie. The dialogues came out very well and at the same time, the screenplay was written in an engaging manner. The story seems to be a routine one but it was presented in an engaging manner.

Technical Department:

Though the film appears as a small film in its first impression, it has got a lot of interesting elements. There is a talented team that worked on the project to come up with good output. The camera work of the movie is too good. The cinematographer has given his best for the movie and made the actors look beautiful on screen. The editing is good. The music is very nice. The background score of the movie is pleasant and impressive. The artwork is decent. The technical team has come up with their best to make the movie look rich and grand.


Camera Work

Routine Climax
Slow Narration


There is a good story in the movie. A girl during the time of her marriage will face a situation to choose the right person as her life partner. This situation has been presented in an interesting manner. There are two guys in her life and the thought process she does and the point of views she expresses while choosing one has been presented nicely that we fall in love with the characters and the actors. There is no scope for negative thoughts or negativity in the movie which is the best part. The film at times brings a routine feel and appears to be slow. Except for that, the film looks good and entertaining. More than anything, the characters in the movie speaks for themselves in the movie which is impressive. On a whole, the movie is good and can be watched once happily.

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