Just In: Three arrested in Rudramadevi ornaments case!

Finally some development in the case of the missing ornaments from the Rani Rudramma Devi movie sets! Sources say the police have arrested three people in connection with the theft of the gold jewels which were appraised at around Rs 45 lacs.


Yes, according to reports, the police were in the process of questioning over 60 members of the film unit and others related connected with the incident, and have as of today, arrested a van driver, an employee of the jewel shop and another person on suspicion.

It is unclear at this point, if the van driver and the jewel shop employee are the same two people who were involved in the news with regard to the missing ornaments for the past few days.

Let us recap on what happened, shall we?

The ornaments were a necessary part of the movie, though sources say it was more for Catherine, another actress than Anushka who is playing the lead in the movie.

To lend authenticity to the movie, these high value ornaments were flown in from Chennai from the jewellery owned by Anjaneya Shetty and Sons, and were returned after each schedule of filming.

Six schedules passed without incident and it was on the seventh schedule that Ravi Subramaniam, an employee of Anjaneya Shetty’s jewellery, brought in the jewels for filming and they went missing during the shoot from the van in which they were kept. Apparently, the driver went to have lunch and returned to find the plastic boxes which held the jewels empty.

The producers immediately filed a complaint at the Gachibowli police station, and the investigation has been ongoing… till now, that is.

We’ll have to wait and see if the jewels are recovered and if the police have, in fact, nabbed the real culprits. The days to come will unravel the mystery behind this crime that stunned the Tollywood industry and its fans.

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