Just in: Jigarthanda postponed due to VIP success!

It was earlier today that actor Siddharth made the news by tweeting out a series of allegations crying foul over the postponing of the release of his movie Jigarthanda.


He accused the producer of showing him and the rest of the cast no respect, by not informing them personally about the decision to postpone the big day and made certain.. implications that there might be third parties at work trying to ruin the movie’s potential prospects.

Now, the producer of the movie, Kathiresan of Five Star Films, has come forward to settle all doubts and his version of events and the reasons behind them are different, to say the least.

This is what he had to say to the fans:

“Velai Illa Pattathari which was released last week is having a good run at the box office all over Tamil Nadu. Theatre owners feel that this is a victory for theatres. Meanwhile I was to release my production venture Jigarthanda on this Friday, the 25th July. However, distributors and theatre owners who saw Jigarthanda felt that the film has come up really well and if it got postponed by a week, it would get more theatres and also record huge success at the box office.

Hence keeping their views in mind and also wanting my film to garner huge success, I am planning to release Jigarthanda on the 1st of August. I have taken this decision not bowing to anyone’s demand but only with a singular intention that all those people who bought the film should emerge successful.”

Well that sounds reasonable, yes?

In any case, with this press statement, Siddharth’s reaction or overreaction seems rather unfounded and it is unclear at this point if he has settled the matter with the producer personally.

In any case, the movie comes out on August 1st then and the fans, for the most part, might care just about that. However, it has to be said that things are never quite what they appear to be in show business and for an eager public ready for any interesting bit of controversy, it never gets boring either.

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