Just In: Case filed against actress Rambha!

In shocking news, a criminal case has been filed against actress Rambha in the Banjara Hills police station, Hyderabad. But that’s not just the shocking part – the case has been filed against her by someone in her own family!


Yes folks, it is the actress’s own sister in law, Pallavi, who has filed the case. And guess what the charges are? Dowry harassment!

Pallavi is claiming that she has been continuously harassed by her husband, Rambha’s brother, demanding her for more dowry. And she also accuses the parents of her husband and his sister, Rambha, of supporting him in this pursuit of more dowry and his actions to get it.

Dowry has been banned by the Government of India for ages now and it is a very serious offence to ask a woman for dowry or for the woman’s family to give it. Any violation of this carries with it severe repercussions including a huge fine and a prison sentence! So you can imagine the penalties for harassing someone for dowry, which is even more severe, because that also adds women’s rights issues with an existing violation of the law.

Though in our country, many people still ask for and receive dowry, it goes unreported and is a national secret of sorts. The high rates of women who are emotionally and sometimes physically abused by their in laws because of the dowry issue is deplorable indeed.

So it comes as a matter of shame that educated people, who enjoy a high status in society too adhere to such an outdated, cruel and illegal tradition out of what could only be interpreted as pure greed.

It is unclear at this point exactly what kind of harassment Pallavi was subjected to. According to the law, however, the police must take swift action and that will almost probably include arrests being made.

My, my, a sad day for Rambha fans too, one supposes..

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